Truffle Hunting Slovenia

Truffle Hunting Slovenia

A guided hunt for the world’s most prized mushroom.


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The treasured truffles

  • Venture into the Istrian forest for a first-hand experience of truffle-hunting.
  • Learn about truffles and the way they’re harvested.
  • Go on a relaxing trip to the Slovenian countryside and take part in a wonderful tradition.



The hunt is on! Join an expert truffle hunter and his inseparable four-legged friend in the search for “the diamond of the kitchen”, the treasured truffle mushroom.

This tour will take you on a guided walk through the truffle-rich forests of Istria, guided by a local truffle expert and his specifically trained dog. Along the way, you will learn more about the world’s most prized mushroom and the rich forests in which it hides underground.

Explore the wondrous forests of Slovenia, learn the truffle-sniffing trade and hunt until you find the grand prize!


Truffles Experience

The Offer

  • Guided by expert truffle hunter & his trusted dog.
  • Demonstration of the truffle hunt
  • Truffle history and trivia.

84€ / PERSON*
39€ / CHILD (3-12 years)*

*The price does not include the transfer.

*Time of Truffle Hunting to be set upon reservation. During the week the hunting takes place in the afternoon.

You can also add to the experience lunch with truffles and/or wine tasting at a close-by (10 min drive) winery.

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Join us on Truffle Hunting adventure near Koper.

Diamond of


Fun(gi) Facts

about Truffles

  • When it comes to pairing truffles with wine, you can’t go wrong with aged wines of earthy notes to serve with savoury truffles, while a truffle risotto calls for lightly oaked wines like Chardonnay. 
  • Black ruffles are most commonly used with pasta and rice dishes as well as pork, beef or venison, while their white variety go well with hard cheeses, salads, salami, prosciutto, rabbit or veal.
  • You can cook with truffle oil and get tipsy on truffle vodka. 
  • Truffles also have fantastic health benefits. They have antibacterial properties, help kill cancer cells and reduce inflammation. 
  • Ecologically, truffles add very important nutrients to the soil and can be essential for the survival of their host plants by enhancing ability to withstand drought.

Truffles treasure you will never forget!

Join us for an unforgettable Truffle Hunting in Slovenia!